Undergraduate Program


Objectives of the Undergraduate Program

Teaching/Learning objectives of the Undergraduate Program include the following areas: (a) nursing knowledge and skills, (b) ethical mind, (c) problem-solving skills, (d) collaboration, (e) diversity knowledge, and (f) self-directed learning.

(a) Nursing Knowledge and Skil

Understand human as a holistic being with dynamic interaction of biological, psychological, sociological, spiritual, and environmental factors. Apply a wide range of theoretical knowledge into nursing practice. Acquire fundamental nursing skills and apply the skills to support the lives of people at different levels of health and development

(b) Ethical Mind

With reverence toward life and respect for human dignity, support the rights of individuals and families. Understand and respect the diverse values and perspectives of the individuals, families, groups and communities.

(c) Problem-Solving Skills

Take a deep interest in nursing phenomena and utilize knowledge and resources to meet health care needs and challenges. Develop problem-solving skills based on multiple ways of knowing.

(d) Collaboration

Understand professional responsibilities in healthcare teams, and collaborate with health care consumers, members of each of the health care professions, and other relevant individuals and organizations.

(e) Diversity Knowledge

Recognize global health care issues and understand culturally competent nursing care to meet the health care needs of diverse populations.
Clients'decisions about health care vary depending upon their stage in the life span, gender, ethnic/racial origin, sexual orientation, economic status and physical/mental ability.

(f) Self-Directed Learning

As a nursing professional, engage self-directed learning process of identifying needs, setting goals, selecting strategies to achieve goals, and evaluating outcomes.

Required Credits for Completion

Students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 124 credits including 26 credits of General Subjects and 98 credits of Professional Subjects (Nursing Basics subjects and Nursing subjects).

Required Credits for Completio

Professional Subjects

Professional Subjects