Faculty Directory


NAME Research theme
Sumie IKEZAKI The development of an organizational learning program to enhance the end-of-life care expertise of nursing home staff.
Mina ISHIMARU Educational Materials Development of Co-design of a Caring Community Centered on People With Dementia
Motoshi OUCHI The role of 1,5-AG as a regulator of glucose metabolism in digestive organs, considering aging.
Ikuko SAKAI Validation of an EBP implementation programme in a rehabilitation ward.
Sayuri SUWA Building an Ethical Platform for the development and social implementation of near-future care robots
Michika TANOUE
  • Reviewing process of guidelines for severe psychiatric outpatient care
  • Development of support programs that lead to empowerment and hope for the families of psychiatric patients
Akiko TOMIOKA Development of an educational program on support for sexual issues in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors.
Toshiko NAKAYAMA Development of a FD model linked to master's course and doctoral course in nursing for the improvement of research supervision ability of nursing faculty
Kunie MAEHARA Development of an online nursing intervention program to promote the transition to parenthood during the postpartum following infertility treatment
  • Establishing an innovative system for elderly residential care homes through AI analysis of real-life data
  • Development of multicultural care communication tools utilized in healthcare organizations
  • Development of Nursing Support Method for Post-discharge Patients' Well-being with Heart Failure
  • Development of the Educational Program for Interprofessional Clinical Judgment for Certified Nurse Specialists
  • Development of an Elderly-Centered End-of-Life Dialogue Program with ICT Tools after the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Citizen Science to Cultivate a View of Life and Death for a Fulfilling Life
  • OJT implementation study for sustaining and developing preventive activities in community health nursing practice
  • Study on the development and utilization of manuals for promoting disaster preparedness and response in municipality public heatlh activities
Yoshiko WAZUMI Building global digital archives that can help solve social issues by supporting human vital power

Project Professor

NAME Research theme
  • Quality assurance of nursing education
  • Evidence-based policy making
Emi MORI Development and Validation of Online Child-Rearing Nursing Support for First-Time Parents from Pregnancy to One Month After Childbirth

Associate Professor

NAME Research theme
Kieko IIDA
  • Development of a palliative and end-of-life care educational program in long-term care facilities: Residents and public involvement
  • Palliative care development in long-term care facilities in Asia: A mapping study
  • Systematization of nursing skill related to discharge planning that toward to formulate transitional care
  • Development of regional collaborative education programs based on Transitional Care Competency
  • Development of research method for disaster citizen science
  • Social Implementation of a Disaster Citizen Science Education Program in which university students learn from each other with citizens (
Narumi IDE Development of learning theories useful for implementing IPE programs that promote the development of students' interprofessional competence
Kumiko KURODA  
Shinobu SAITO Construction of a Simulation Platform that Integrates Nursing Reality with Virtual Reality
  • Development of a Community Care Roadmap for Families Raising Children with Severe Physical and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Development of a Disaster Nursing Education Program Focusing on Cultural Diversity Utilizing Disaster Ethnography
Yukari SUGITA Creation of a peer learning program using the organization management role action guidelines for public health nurses
Shu Chun CHIEN Developing Life Visualization Models of Young and Middle-aged Women through Applying Salutogenesis Theory, and Proceeding to Develop Health Support Applications

Project Associate Professor

NAME Research theme
Toshinori SHIMOI Short-term and long-term educational effects of interprofessional education on professional behaviors


NAME Research theme
  • The point-of-care AI for supporting the independence of elderly households
  • Development of the algorithm for predicting catheter self-removal and the care methods
  • Survey of Lower Extremity in Patients with Werner's Syndrome and Development of Ulcer-Preventive Footwear
Rie IINO Research on the development and dissemination of educational materials for lifestyle-related disease prevention activities in collaboration with residents
Seiko IWASE Verification of an Educational Method Model for Developing Ethical Decision-Making Competencies in Public Health Nursing Practice in Disaster Situations.
Toshiko OGAWA Hygienic Management of Feeding Catheters Using Food Additives
Akiko NOSAKI Supporting the Continuity of Community Life for People with Mental Health Problems: Toward Building Inclusive Pandemic Resilience

Project Lecturer

NAME Research theme
Jiaru SUN The Establishment and Development of the Boy Scouts Movement during the Republic of China Period
Makiko TAZAKI Development of a survivorship care plan for older cancer survivors focusing on Onco-Cardiology.

Assistant Professor

NAME Research theme
  • Development of nursing interventions to promote interaction between late preterm infants and mothers
  • Development of comprehensive simulation education through digital transformation of midwifery care
Junko KUSUNOKI Development of educational program for nurses supporting cancer patients using complementary and alternative medicine
Masatoshi SAIKI  
Arisa SAITO Effect of Simulation Exercises that apply Digital Transformation Technology on the Acquisition of Basic Nursing Skills.
Ayano SAKAI Development of support guidelines for developing parental health literacy in parenting
Chihiro SASAKI Clinical Knowledge Included in Discharge Support by Primary Nurses at an Acute Care Hospitals
Motohiro SANO Research on seamless heart failure management using ICT and strengthening of regional cooperation
Mio SUZUKI Examining the Usefulness of Crisis Plans Based on Self-Monitoring in Patients with Mental Illness
Fusae TOYAMA Construction of Childcare Support Program for Co-Parenting that Increases thc First Child’s Readiness to Welcome the Birth of a Second Child
Mariko TOBISE Development of educational programs for infection prevention skills in basic nursing education and verification of learning effects
  • Development of nursing support program to promote independent development of readiness in preschool children undergoing congenital heart disease surgery
  • Development of guideline for inclusion support to promote development in preschool children with congenital heart disease
Akiyo YUMOTO Development of Home-Visit Nursing Care Guidelines to Alleviate Difficulties in Daily Living for People with Dementia with Lewy bodies

Project Assistant Professor

NAME Research theme
Aya ISHII Outpatient Nursing Care for Aged Diabetic Patients Continuing Insulin Therapy
―Development of support triggered by suspicion of cognitive decline
Ayano INUYAMA Identify document structures that are easy for older people with dementia to read and understand.
Taichi SATO Development and validation of a guidebook to promote case conferences as on-the-job training for public health nurses
Yukie TAHARA Survey of motor function in patients with Werner's syndrome
Takuya TSUJINO  
Yuria YAMASAKI Development of the Dementia-Friendly Environmental Assessment Tool for care and nursing homes in Japan
Li YAO Development of an education program on aging-related preparation through videoconference for old Chinese migrants in Japan
Satomi YODA Whole-Person Care for Patients with Communication Difficulties in the Intensive Care Unit


NAME Research theme
Mamiko UEDA Development of self-evaluation scale of inactivel nurses' readiness to return to nursing

Research Fellow

NAME Research theme
Satoko USUI  
Tatsuhito KAMIMOTO  
Yukari KUNITAKE Development of Psychological Well-Being Nursing Support Tool after discharge of heart failure patients.
Mutsumi SATOH End-of-Life Care / Citizen Science・PPI
Rong ZENG