International Program for Nursing Science October 2021 Admission

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Sayuri Suwa

Chiba University School of Nursing has a long history and tradition as Japan’s first national nursing faculty established in April 1975. The Graduate School of Nursing launched the Nursing Science Master’s Program in 1979, followed by the Doctoral Program in 1993, the Nursing System Management Master’s Program in 2002, and the Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program (DNGL) in 2014. Today, the Graduate School of Nursing has one of the largest student bodies among nursing graduate programs in Japan (169 as of October 1, 2016). The Graduate School of Nursing has two centers, The Center for Education and Research in Nursing Practice and The Inter-Professional Education Research Center. Students and faculty engage in research that contributes to nursing practice and education by constructing and validating nursing theories and applying them. As of March 2017, the total number of graduates reached 3,318 in the undergraduate program and 1,055 in the postgraduate program; 178 graduates from the Doctoral Program in Nursing Science, 760 graduates from the Master’s Program in Nursing Science, and 117 graduates from the Master’s Program in Nursing System Management. Our graduates are now working in Japan and overseas as nursing educators and researchers, advanced practice nurses, and nursing managers.

Both the School of Nursing and Graduate School of Nursing have established international exchange agreements with sister universities in the U.S., China, South Korea, and Thailand. These agreements provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student exchanges, joint research, and international symposiums. International programs were launched in the Master’s Program in October 2012 and the Doctoral Program in October 2014, both of which are now actively admitting exchange students from overseas.

The key missions of the Graduate School of Nursing are to take up pioneering challenges that promote innovative nursing research and create advanced educational programs in order to become a core institution for fostering educators and researchers in the rapidly expanding field of nursing and health science. To achieve these missions, we have implemented a 10-year strategic plan starting in 2015 for developing the new curricula to enhance capabilities of conducting research, multidisciplinary collaboration, and global communication. To our future students, we are committed to supporting your efforts to expand your knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing with dedication and passion while leveraging the resources of the Graduate School of Nursing, and to enhance your problem-solving abilities to pioneer new developments in the field of nursing. We look forward to growing and learning with you.

Sayuri Suwa
Dean, Graduate School of Nursing, School of Nursing


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