Messages from Students


Reports from students who participated in international academic conferences


I made a poster presentation of my findings from a study entitled, “The nasal carriage prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus among nursing personnel at a Zimbabwean tertiary teaching hospital.” This was a sub study of my master’s thesis. It was a wonderful experience, and my first time presenting at this conference. Concerning the feedback I received, there was some interest from observers, and I met a few colleagues from other universities who want to replicate the study in their respective settings. It was fulfilling to exchange opinions, explain the findings of my study, and to get advice on other ways I could have analyzed the study’s data. I also met other researchers who were presenting their findings, so the conference was a great opportunity to update my knowledge on current trends in nursing research.

In addition to the poster presentations, I attended plenary sessions where I learned more from more experienced colleagues in the field about the techniques used in advanced nursing research. Listening to invited speakers on topics such as “the role of doctoral education and research,” and “innovation and new dynamism for doctoral research” gave me a better outlook on options to take in my career path. Generally, the conference provided a platform for networking and updating my knowledge on current research in nursing fields other than my specialty.

The knowledge I gained from attending this conference will go a long way toward helping me to hone my research and presentation skills, something that will be crucial during my time in the Graduate School of Nursing’s doctoral program at Chiba University.


I attended the International Conference on Cancer Nursing held in Auckland, New Zealand, where I delivered a poster presentation entitled “Stigma of Japanese women diagnosed with precancerous lesions of the cervix.” Thereafter, I received questions about the Japanese healthcare system and relevant social background. There, I learned about the current status of healthcare and nursing in other countries and had the opportunity to participate in numerous discussions on the interpretation of results, which have deepened my understanding on various aspects related to my topic. In the verbal sessions on “sexuality,” there were presentations on nursing support for female sexuality and the fertility of patients with a history of breast or uterine cancer. The Japanese academic societies do not yet hold sessions specifically focused on the topic of sexuality. By participating in an international conference as such, I believe that we can learn about the common issues in any country as well as identify the fields where potential developments are desired.
I am grateful for the opportunity I had to participate in the international conference this time. With this opportunity, I realized the necessity to present and disseminate knowledge regarding my research. I would like to improve my communication skills in English to be able to present such oral sessions as well as to contribute to publications in international journals in the future.