Global & Regional Interprofessional Education Plus Program:GRIP Program

How to register

Target student

Students of all faculties and graduate schools of Chiba University can apply for GRIP regardless of grade. One of the purposes of this program is for students with different specialties and different grades to form teams, regardless of whether they are undergraduate or graduate students, and to influence each other to broaden and deepen their learning while demonstrating their knowledge, experience, and interests.
The GRIP sub-major is mainly intended for first-year doctoral students and fifth and sixth-year students, but it is also open to undergraduate and other doctoral students. It is possible to enroll in GRIP as a minor major or to take only the Interprofessional Social Issues Solving Seminar (ISL) (see chart below).
If you wish to take this course, please check the application guidelines and apply. In the case of a large number of applicants, selection will be based on English proficiency.


Students who took a total of seven subjects including the Interprofessional Social Problem Solving Seminar (ISL) can register for GRIP as a minor major. ISL corresponds to ENGINE, and 2 credits of GHN2, a study abroad course in the Faculty of Nursing. Please refer to the “The list of subjects” 」for the contents of each class.