Objective & Purpose

Purpose of DNGL

Nowadays, humanity encounters the occurrence of numerous diverse, complex and even prolonged natural and manmade disasters that are threatening lives of people regardless of their nationality. To respond to such challenges, University of Kochi, University of Hyogo, Chiba University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing have put their resources and expertise together to launch a new graduate program in disaster nursing to produce global leaders who will solve a wide range of problems in the time of disasters, exercise interdisciplinary leadership in international settings, and contribute to promoting health and safety in disaster- affected communities.

To conduct innovative research and develop theories which can be applied to nursing practices in cooperation with other professionals in related disciplines

To contribute towards promotion of human security through educating nurses with profound understanding in disaster nursing


To create global nurse leaders who can respond to and solve a wide range of problems in disasters and exercise interdisciplinary leadership in international settings.

Diploma Policy

Graduates who are expected to be future leaders

  1. Graduates shall be able to provide support under any disaster situation to ensure the principles of human security: to “promote healthy life based on being oneself”
  2. Graduates shall be able to suggest “policy proposals for healthy living” in various phases of the disaster cycle.
  3. Graduates shall make efforts an toward realizing a safe and secure society from a global perspective and build collaborations among the industry, academia and government sectors in order to revolutionize institutions and systems.
  4. Graduate shall enforce disaster nursing studies from interdisciplinary and international perspectives, as well as conduct research in and develop disaster nursing studies.