Curriculum Features

This curriculum is the first intercurricular nursing graduate program in Japan. Five universities put their resources and expertise together to this curriculum. This curriculum is composed from online/offline lectures, practical training, and simulation-based education.

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Curriculum Structure


The curriculum is made up of six subject categories.

(1) Basic Courses in Nursing

Apprehending the various nursing phenomena that relate to health in disaster contexts and the theory, ethics, and research methods are necessary for arriving at solutions to issues and challenges.

(2) Courses on Disaster Nursing Global Leadership Skills

Understanding the diversity of people’s lifestyle, such like cultural and social systems in disaster contexts and for examining crisis management, disaster prevention, and policy issues.

(3)Courses for Disaster Nursing Science

Acquiring the practical skills and knowledge necessary for disaster nursing activities, along with the ethics and theoretical structures specialized for dealing with disaster.

(4) Disaster Nursing Seminar

Courses for acquiring the practical nursing skills required in the event of disaster, together with simulation-based learning of decision-making and situational assessment skills for various disaster contexts.

(5) Disaster Nursing Practicum

Developing practical skills through activities such as practical experience in disaster areas and internships in government and health care bodies, as well as disaster-related organizations and research institutes at home and abroad.

(6) Disaster Nursing Dissertation Research

Developing the ability to put evidence-based disaster nursing activities into actual practice, to generate research data from the results of those activities, and to summarize these in academic papers.

Completion Criteria

Students are required to be enrolled in the standard five-year term, acquire at least 50 credits in the course, and pass the dissertation review, as well as the oral and written final examinations related to the content and specified areas of the research theme after receiving research guidance.

Degree Requirements

Of the 50 credits, students must acquire 40 credits from compulsory subjects and 10 credits from elective subjects or required elective courses.
Six credits must be acquired from “Interdisciplinary Course for Disaster Nursing Global Leaders” courses and two credits must be from “Courses in Disaster Nursing Science” courses.
Furthermore, students must acquire 10 credits from each of the constituting universities.

Course List

Curriculum Model of Cooperative Doctoral Program for Disaster Nursing PDF