Akihiko Kondoh

Name Akihiko Kondoh
Title Professor
Degree Ph.D.(Science)
Division Center for Environmental Remote Sensing
E-mail kondoh@faculty.chiba-u.jp
  • Hydrology
  • Physical Geography
  • Environmental Modeling by RS and GIS
Hiroaki Abe, Changyuan Tang, Akihiko Kondoh(2014): Effect of Urban Aquifer Exploitation on Subsurface Temperature and Water Quality.
Groundwater, DOI: 10.1111/gwat.12154.
Yizhang Zhang, Xianfang Song, Akihiko Kondoh, Jun Xia, Changyuan Tang (2011): Behavior, mass inventories and modeling evaluation of xenobiotic endocrine-disrupting chemicals along an urban receiving wastewater river in Henan Province, China. Water Research, 45:292-302.
Ahmad Al-Hanbali, Bayan Alsaaideh, Akihiko Kondoh(2011): Using GIS-Based Weighted Linear Combination Analysis and Remote Sensing Techniques to Select Optimum Solid Waste Disposal Sites within Mafraq City, Jordan.
/Journal of Geographic Information System/, *3*, 267-278.