Principle: The Ground Rules

The ground rules (basic principles) are established under Inohana IPE.
In order to make Inohana IPE a place where people can learn from each other, everyone involved in Inohana IPE—both students and faculty members—always keep the following ground rules in mind when they act.

Inohana IPE Ground Rules

With the patient and service user-centric philosophy, we will work together under Inohana IPE to achieve goals by having the attitude to bring out each other’s skill and learn from each other and taking interest in each other’s action and role.

  • Make the goal for the team clear and share relevant information
  • Work by leveraging each team member’s expertise and strength, covering each other, and never giving up
  • Each individual to proactively speak up and take action to contribute to the team
  • Avoid or explain jargons that others don’t understand
  • Listen to each other’s remark to have a friendly discussion
  • Reach consensus among the team members by confirming each other’s opinion without avoiding conflict and struggle