Objective: To develop autonomous healthcare professionals who provide patient and service user-centric medical care.

We strive to realize patient and service user-centric medical care.

Medical care is an organizational service provided through the cooperation of professionals (interprofessional work, or IPW). To provide such a service, it is essential for medical professional to have the ability to demonstrate expertise while cooperating as a member of the medical organization on the basis of patient and service user-centric medical care. We believe developing IPW competencies required to cooperate with professionals in various fields to provide medical care is extremely important in addition to building expertise during the course of the undergraduate program which is the basic stage of education.

We call the education program for students to acquire competencies to make this IPW possible (IPW competencies) and the attitude to learn from each other while partnering and cooperating with each other as “interprofessional education,” or IPE.

Through Inohana IPE, we aim to develop such “autonomous healthcare professionals” who have strong expertise and the mind to work for patients and service users, work autonomously, cooperate with various professionals to improve each other, and learn continuously. We are striving to develop human resources with competencies to engage in IPW under any setting in any organization and to improve the medical field through learning together so that patient and service user-centric medical care is realized in our society. Through Inohana IPE, we will develop core competencies (communication skills, ethnical sensitivity, and problem-solving skills) for each student to continue lifelong IPE and master IPW skills that are important in providing patient and service user-centric medical care. We will then develop their skills for specific IPW. In this way, we aim to develop autonomous healthcare professionals with “a sound professional mind,” “the ability to make social commitment,” “the sense of mission and responsibility,” “a cooperative personality and the sense of balance,” and “the willingness to keep learning” who can continuously improve own career. Through Inohana IPE, an education program for student to master IPW skills, we will develop autonomous healthcare professionals to provide patient and service user-centric medical care in medical organizations.