Message from the Director

The IPERC was established on January 1, 2015. As a center for new style of education, research, and practice unlike any other in Japan, we hope to contribute to the development of healthcare, welfare, and higher education in Japan.

We are now going to undertake initiatives by using the insights and practical knowledge obtained from the education and learning program called “Inohana IPE” developed Chiba University. Our activities will be expanded widely throughout the university, the prefecture of Chiba, Japan, and Asia. Led by the Inohana Campus, these activities will involve others and continue evolving in response to the changes of the times.

I believe the development of fine medical professionals who are willing to learn from each other and pursue the best treatment care while adapting to the changes of the times will be further enhanced as IPE and IPW are gradually established at the Inohana Campus and then at Chiba University as something self-evident.


Director of the IPERC
Ikuko Sakai